Author of the Sierra the Search Dog series of books.

Books for all ages about the adventures of Sierra the Search Dog!

Callout Press is home to the Sierra the Search Dog series of books about the world of K9 Search and Rescue. Sierra Becomes a Search Dog is aimed at pre-schoolers who will learn how Sierra the puppy first becomes a Search & Rescue dog. In Bryce Bumps His Head,” an older Sierra and Bryce take elementary age readers through a wilderness search in which Sierra must save the day twice. Digger, for teens and adults, is the story of a mature Sierra who has added cadaver-dog work to her skill set. She and Bryce are one step ahead of detectives trying to solve a series of murders in western Washington state.

We are getting great feedback from families! In Digger, parents learn things about search and rescue that help them answer questions triggered by the children’s books. The entire family can read age-appropriate stories with the same characters, all about the same exciting subject of K9 Search and Rescue.

The books are fiction, inspired by my first SAR dog, Sierra. The events in the books are likewise inspired by searches to which I’ve responded, with a little creative license. I currently search with K9 Ruger, my third search dog, in the wilderness of western Washington state.

K9 Sierra – My first search partner.
K9 Magnum – Strong, sturdy and dedicated.
My current partner, K9 Ruger. A great search dog and probably the most photogenic of the three!