Breaking News! Author and real-life search and rescue dog handler Robert D. Calkins has come out with his fourth book, this time aimed at elementary-age readers. Bryce Bumps His Head is a chapter book, intended to bridge the gap between his children’s books and the very grown up murder mystery Digger.
While many authors write series, Calkins’ books about Sierra the Search Dog are better described as a “spectrum” of books. They include all the same characters, but are written for different reading levels.

For pre-schoolers:

  • Sierra Becomes a Search Dog – Published May 2016
  • Sierra the Search Dog Finds Fred – Published May 2016
  • Sierra the Search Dog Saves Sally – Coming Soon!

For elementary school-age readers:

  • Bryce Bumps His Head Now Available! http://amzn.to/2ioVR9b
  • I Need a Search Cat – Anticipated release early 2017!

For teens and adults:

  • Digger- Sierra and the Case of the Chimera Killer – Published May 2016

Read the little ones to sleep with Sierra Becomes a Search Dog, turn down the lights, and enjoy Digger, a murder mystery about every reader’s two favorite subjects: sweet dogs and serial killers.